About the artist


self portrait

Roy Shinar, born in 1976, lives in Aniam, a small village in the north of Israel, with his wife and his three children.                                               

For more than 20 years, Roy works and creates in a wide range of arts: painting, drawing, sculpturing, illustrating, designing, building and music too.                  

He works with different materials, like concrete, bronze, paper, mud and more, and creates in varies styles, from hyper-realistic to abstract.                                       

As a talented skillful painter from an early age, who grew up on the classic art teachings, Roy brings into his creation a great passion, rare quality and a unique style and talent.                                                                                         

His love for nature and ancient cultures, which expressed in some of his works, brought him to travel the world and learn traditional arts like Fresco painting, building and sculpturing in mud and natural materials, as well as playing ethnic string musical instruments.

Through the last ten years Roy worked on unique statues, exhibits and wall paintings. His works display in many museums in Israel (The Hebrew University Museum, The Science Museum, Hulon Children Museum, Ein-Yael Museum and more).

Roy teaches arts and activates different community art projects of environmental and educational matters.